July 15, 2018
Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons

In order to be a respected business professional, one needs to have years of experience. In 2006, Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons joined the EMC Corporation. Before this position, he had many years of preparation through the other jobs that he held in a variety of fields. He has found that in his position at EMC Corporation, he is able to use the wisdom and experience that he gained from his other jobs to help benefit the company greatly.

He started his business preparation by earning his degree in business. After that, Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons then worked at other jobs in order to gather the skills that would eventually equip him for the position of Data Protection Business Manager. In order to be someone that handles other people’s data, one has to have earned a reputation for being trustworthy and an employee with integrity.

EMC Corporation is located at Hopkinton, Massachusetts although they have a multinational reach. They specialize in computer storage which makes Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons’ position incredibly vital for their success. While he started at the company as a Senior Account Executive, through hard work and the ability to navigate challenges, he proved his skills and that is why in 2014, he was promoted to the position he holds today of Data Protection Business Manager. He prides himself on being a hardworking employee that embraces challenges, rather than push against them and incorporates team enthusiasm which makes him a joy to work with and to work for.
April 25, 2018
Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons
It is just a fact that Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons has developed a level of expertise in the area of computer storage systems over the course of his career. These days. He can be found serving EMC Corporation as their Data Protection Business Manager in the Minneapolis, Minnesota office. EMC is a 37-year-old company that has grown to become a very prominent international technology company, with revenues in the tens of billions every year and employing more than 70,000 internationally.

For his part, Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons now has more than 25 years of technology and sales experience under his belt. Beyond that, he also has a lot of education in his background. For instance, there is the Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration he received from Moorhead State University in Minnesota, which he attended after transferring from North Dakota State University, located in his hometown of Fargo. Fargo is where he learned that family and community are at least as important as career and making a living.

From the perspective of Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons, family will always occupy a special place in his life, just as it did while he was growing up as the youngest of five children in his family in Fargo, where he attended grade school and high school. While he was in school, Daniel was very busy, with his involvement in the Sandpebbles singing group, as well as a key club, even as he was playing with his high school football and golf teams. He was also playing intramural hockey.